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Two papers accepted for EvoMUSART 2024

(1) J. Dettmer, I. Vatolkin, and T. Glasmachers: Weighted Initialisation of Evolutionary Instrument and Pitch Detection in Polyphonic Music. Accepted for Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design (EvoMUSART) Abstract: Current state-of-the-art … Weiterlesen

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Job offer as student assistant at the Chair for AI Methodology, RWTH

A position as student assistant for the support in teaching activities and empirical studies for optimisation of music data analysis using Artificial Intelligence is open and should be filled as soon as possible. For details, please see the PDF.

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Job offer in computational music theory

A PhD/PostDoc position is available within a new lab for computational approaches to music theory, analysis and composition (TU Dortmund, the In­sti­tute of Music and Musicology). Please see the full description (in German).

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Job offer for a student assistant

For assistance during software project „Music Informatics“, a position as a student assistant (8 hours per week) is offered at the Chair of Algorithm Engineering, Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund. Please see the full description in German.

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Job offers at Dortmund Systematic Musicology Lab

Two new positions are available in the newly established Dortmund Systematic Musicology Lab, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Systematic Musicology / Music Psychology / Music Cognition 100% E-14, for 5 years 18 October 2021. PhD candidate in … Weiterlesen

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User survey on music listening

Within the scope of a master thesis at TU Dortmund, an online survey (in German) is currently open: The participation time should be about 5-10 minutes and it is possible to win one of two 25€ gift vouchers for … Weiterlesen

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Protokoll von 22. SIGMA am 22.04.2013 [Lehrstuhl für Algorithm Engineering]

Musikinformatik-Buch In den letzten Monaten ist nicht viel passiert, allerdings haben einige Beteiligten angegeben, ab April/Mai 2013 deutlich mehr Zeit zum Schreiben zu haben. Der Stand des Buches wird in den nächsten Tagen revidiert und die Autoren einzeln angesprochen. Die … Weiterlesen

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Literatur zur Musikdatenanalyse

Liebe SIG-MA Mitglieder, es gibt einen interessanten Link zur Musikdatenanalyse, den mir vor kurzem mein Kollege Olaf Mersmann zugeschickt hat: Hier findet man eine Übersicht an verschiedensten Papern zum Thema Instrumenten-, Genreklassifikation u.a. Ich kann nicht garantieren, dass dies … Weiterlesen

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SIGMA workshop program ready

Please navigate to for the program of SIGMA workshop („Music classification workshop“, sessions 19 and 25).

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Student job offer

We are searching for a student who has some background in MIR (music information retrieval) and has solid programming skills. The current task is limited to appr. 100 hours. If you know anybody who may be interested, please contact me!

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