Exhibition at the Dortmund „U“: „Engineering meets Art“

„Engineering meets Art“, an exhibition showing the results of a project which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Organic and Chemical engineering as interdisciplinary cooperation with the Faculty of Arts and Sports had been launched and will be on show at the Dortmund „U“ until 23 June 2019.

The exhibition is embedded in the diversity dialogues of the TU Dortmund, a professional meeting of different disciplines and Specialized cultures at the university. Funded by the innogy foundation for
Energy and Society gGmbH both students of the Bio and Chemical engineering and students of music and photography worked in interdisciplinary teams over two semesters and developed works of art at the interface of Art and engineering.

The insights into the unknown work areas of the respective partner faculty brought inspirational ideas, new working methods and surprising change of perspective: Dead bees learn to fly, photographic film goes getting under its skin, you can hear insulin and see sound waves.

On 15.05. there was an enthusiastic bruadcast by Stefan Keim in the program „Culture at noon“ at WDR3, which you can listen to here.

Impressions of the opening ceremony can be found here.

Information about individual objects and projects of the exhibition are to find here.

„Engineering meets Art“ will run until 23.06.2019 in the Dortmund „U“, Leonie-Reygers terrace. Admission is free.

Accompanying the exhibition is a lovingly designed catalog which we gladly hand over to you on request.

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