New ChromaToolbox and SonicAnnotator NNLS features in AMUSE

Two updates providing easy extraction of new harmony-related audio features within AMUSE have been recently accomplished:

Update of Chroma Toolbox plugin

The AMUSE Chroma Toolbox plugin was updated to the version 2.0 (see for more details on Chroma Toolbox).

The following features were added:

  • Chroma DCT-Reduced log Pitch [id 219]
  • Strengths of CRP cooccurrences [id 220]

New Sonic Annotator NNLS plugin

This plugin enables the extraction of the following NNLS Chroma features (

  • Chroma [id 250]
  • Bass chroma [id 251]
  • Semitone spectrum [id 252]
  • Local tuning [id 253]
  • Harmonic change [id 254]
  • Consonance [id 255]
  • Simple chord [id 256]
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