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User survey on music listening

Within the scope of a master thesis at TU Dortmund, an online survey (in German) is currently open: The participation time should be about 5-10 minutes and it is possible to win one of two 25€ gift vouchers for … Weiterlesen

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SIGMA workshop program ready

Please navigate to for the program of SIGMA workshop („Music classification workshop“, sessions 19 and 25).

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Student job offer

We are searching for a student who has some background in MIR (music information retrieval) and has solid programming skills. The current task is limited to appr. 100 hours. If you know anybody who may be interested, please contact me!

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GECCO paper accepted

A paper is accepted for the GECCO conference: I. Vatolkin, M. Preuß, G. Rudolph – Multi-Objective Feature Selection in Music Genre and Style Recognition Tasks

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